Why Cocobeet

Not just another juice bar… Boston’s health food haven.

Juice bars and health food restaurants are cropping up everywhere in Boston.  The market is responding to our pressing need for better health and more pure food sources.

We’re happy to see this trend towards health.  However, not all juices and so-called health foods are created equal; in fact, many of these “healthy juices” are loaded with sugar, preservatives, or processed in a way that reduces nutritional content in an effort to extend shelf life.

Not so at Cocobeet.

With all of the information out there, it’s overwhelming to know where to go.  So what makes Cocobeet Boston’s best choice for cold-pressed juice, juice cleanses, and vegan food?

Cold-pressed, fresh raw juices, and no HPP – our process

Without the lingo, this means our juicing process yields the freshest, most nutritious, and genuinely raw juice around.

Made-to-order juices – the kind that get made on the spot while you wait– are created by machines using centrifugal force for extraction.  The end result is a juice that is 80% water and only 20% nutrients.  The force from the extraction tears the valuable food enzymes, the heat neutralizes and/or destroys desired nutrients, and the spoilage process begins right away, making immediate consumption necessary. 

HPP – or high pressure processing – techniques similarly degrade the quality of juice at a cellular level.   HPP is an industry trick used to extend shelf life; HPP juices can be consumed up to 45 days after they’re created.   End result: a less nutritious juice that the FDA does not allow to be called “fresh.”

At Cocobeet, we use an industry-leading, first-of-its-kind cold-press juicer to gently extract every nutritious drop from organic fruits and vegetables.  Our juicer extracts 2X more nutrients than any other cold-press machine, and yields a product with 5X the nutrients of a made-to-order juice.  Our juices have on average a 2- to 3-day shelf life – and we’re proud of that.

See our menu of 30+ organic juices and smoothies and our juice cleanse options – Boston’s freshest juice.

Quality food products that match our values

We don’t compromise on quality.  We are 100% plant-based.  We create all of our juices, smoothies, and vegan food daily on site in our Boston store.   We never use chemicals, toxins, preservatives, or refined sugars.

We are 100% organic, 95% of the time, GMO-free, and sourced locally whenever possible.  When particular organic ingredients are unavailable on a given day, we inform our customers.  Outside of sprouted grain bread on sandwiches, we have a completely gluten-free menu.

Perhaps most importantly, premium quality means premium taste.  Whether you choose a 3-day juice cleanse or snack of quinoa sliders, your body and your taste buds will know the difference.

You are what you eat – know what you’re putting in your body.  Know your juice, know your juicer.

Convenience, accessibility, and selection

If you’ve prioritized healthy eating, you know that it takes time and effort – two things that are on short supply for almost all of us.

The easy choices are over-processed, sugar-laden products from national chains.  At Cocobeet, we are working to change this picture.

Racing to work, or only fifteen minutes for lunch?  No problem.  Choose from a full menu of grab-and-go vegan and gluten-free items – or the largest selection of juices and smoothies in Boston.  And we get bored easily – so we’re constantly creating new menu options using only fresh ingredients.

Our juice bar is in the heart of downtown Boston, steps from the T, the financial district, and Government Center.  For added convenience, we offer delivery in and around the Boston/Cambridge area. Call the store at 857.263.8598 for more details.

Juice and raw food detox cleanses – nutrient-dense with options for all 

Cleansing does not have to be extreme.  To us, juice cleanses are not “juice fasts.”  We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition or juice cleansing.

That’s why we offer a number of juice and raw food cleanses to detox and reboot your system.  Some of these cleanses are all-liquid, while others incorporate vegan foods for extra energy or a sense of fullness.

One-day, two-day, and three-day juice cleanses are available; for a deeper cleanse and a true shakeup to your habits, we recommend a five-day or seven-day cleanse.  If you’d like more intensive support on your path to good health, we can craft extended programs of juice and pure foods that last as long as 30 days.

Our juice and food cleanses are packed with nothing but pure nutrition to give your system a break and jumpstart you to good health.  Learn more about Cocobeet juice cleanses and cleanse delivery.  Organic, raw, non-HPP’d: choose Boston’s original cold-pressed juice cleanse.