Truly Fresh Juices – No HPP at the Cocobeet Juice Bar

What is HPP? Why don’t you HPP at the Cocobeet juice bar?

Cocobeet Kickstart Cold-Pressed Juice …and other questions for your juicer.

HPP, or High Pressure Processing, is an industry trick used to lengthen the shelf life of juices.  Juice companies HPP to increase their profit margins – and consumers pay with lower quality juice at premium prices.   HPP juices include the vast majority of bottled juices sold locally, on Internet discount sites, and those at the finest supermarkets.

HPP’d juices have traveled many miles.  After being juiced and bottled, they are trucked to an industrial factory and back.  HPP juices can be consumed up to 45 days after they’re created!  Keep this fact in mind: the FDA prohibits HPP’d juices from being called fresh – for good reason.

How far do Cocobeet juices travel? Ten feet, as they go from our juicer to the cooler. Cocobeet juices are crafted in-house with no processing, are organic, local, raw, and truly fresh.  This means no HPPing or processing of any kind. Very few cold-pressing companies in Boston or New England choose to go this route. Our juices have a shelf life of only days – and we’re proud of that. We bear the risk of product loss ourselves because we aim to only craft premium juices.

We believe that non-HPP’d juices taste better, contain more nutrition by preserving natural prebiotic and probiotic components, and are the only juices that can be considered fresh and raw.  Our profit margins are not high because we simply refuse to compromise our values and quality.  Don’t pay an artificially higher price for a processed product.

Receive your juice from green plants – not industrial plants – at Cocobeet.  The freshest juices and juice cleanses in Boston.