Introducing A Marathon-Inspired Cold-Pressed Blend

26.2 miles are behind you. You’ve made it.

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Limited Edition Cold-Pressed Blend

An organic recovery drink inspired by the Boston Marathon

It’s that special time of year: the Boston Marathon. The world’s oldest consecutively run marathon and the true start of spring in the city. Emotions run high and we come together to be Boston Strong.

The eyes of the world are on Boston. Over 30,000 runners from 86 countries put themselves to the ultimate physical test. One million spectators roar from the sidelines. And then? Well, then the town becomes one big party.

Recover well and celebrate right with Cocobeet. Introducing a special, limited edition beverage to fuel our Boston Strong after the race. Finish Line is our debut blended beverage, combining cold-pressed juice with protein-rich plant sources.

Finish Line: designed for optimal recovery.

marathon runner legs running on city streetAthletes know: consuming the right fuel shortly after intense activity dramatically speeds recovery. You need to rehydrate, replenish your glycogen, and begin the process of muscle repair when your body is most depleted. Good nutrition helps you feel appreciably better in the days following the race.

Research indicates that a 3:1 carb-to-protein ratio most effectively supports muscle recovery after endurance activity. Finish Line employs plant-packed ingredients of the highest quality to do the job. We mix hydrating, energy rich, cold-pressed juice with seed-based protein sources to create a new type of blended beverage.

It meets the magic 3:1 ratio, it’s unlike anything else on the shelf, and it’s delicious.

Tell me more!

Unlike chocolate milk, Finish Line is completely unprocessed, contains no refined sugars, and is dairy-free. Organic ingredients, no nuts, and no gluten.

ingredients finish lineIt’s loaded with electrolytes like potassium and magnesium to speed hydration. Nutrients and antioxidants maintain your post-race glow. And it’s smooth enough to be easy on your stomach after tough activity.

Check out what’s inside: sunflower seed mylk, chia seeds; juice from beets, watermelons, lemons, and pineapple; dates, strawberry, and banana. All to keep your runner’s high going.

Always training. Always recovering.

Finish Line isn’t just for marathoners. Whether you’re just starting to get active or you’re on your twentieth Ironman, incorporating balanced, plant-based nutrition gives you the edge.

Come to Cocobeet and get the advantage. We offer over 30+ cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies and a full vegan menu, all uniquely good for the athlete in you. Our bike delivery guys swear by Heartbeet (beets for endurance!); our trainers rehydrate with Watermelon Quench; our active yogis keep glowing with Green Genes. Try them all.

tracksmith with runnerYou set the goal. You did the work. You never gave up. You’re at the Finish Line.

Finish Line is on our shelves now at our store at 100 City Hall Plaza in Boston’s Government Center. Check us out at the Tracksmith Women’s Launch Party Friday from 6 – 9 at 285 Newbury Street at the Tracksmith Athletic Club.