The Cocobeet Story

Cocobeet began as a very personal quest for pure, healthy, and delicious grab-and-go food. After my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, we began eating plant packed™ meals, a nutritional path prescribed by top medical experts across a wide range of specialties. The change was profoundly positive for us, but the daily sourcing, prep, and creativity needed to make great meals was overwhelming when also dealing with a busy family and work schedule. Finding pre-made, good food that we could trust was of highest nutritional quality and superior taste was impossible. We knew we were not alone in the search; our friends, colleagues, and community (and probably you) are desperately seeking better health. So we started Cocobeet, a community oasis in Boston with daily-made, organic, locally sourced, pure food meals and juices of the highest nutritional power. We do the hard work so you can grab-and-go and live your life. Don’t ever compromise your health and standards; we don’t. Welcome to Cocobeet and Plant Packed Living. Come Reroot™ Your Life with us.  – Kyle

KYLE: Co-Founder

After seventeen years in the global financial industry, Kyle began a second career in the world of greens, quinoa, and juice in Boston. He has discovered that while starting some thing new is not easy, the adventure is well worth the effort. Kyle enjoys the excitement of change and hopes his three daughters will always be true to themselves, but take a little risk for the more fulfilling life. Kyle balances his diet (no extremes), eating vegan for his first two meals of the day and mixing it up after 5:00PM. He believes in the importance of supporting local, small business in order to maintain the vibrancy and uniqueness of neighborhoods. When Kyle’s not working at the Cocobeet juice bar in Boston, he is hanging out with his daughters and wife, Lydia.

ONUR: Co-Founder

Onur is a committed vegan, mostly raw consumer, and passionate student of food science and nutritional healing. After four years of managing a multi-store vegan/juice bar in the New York City area, Onur reached out to join forces with Kyle to bring the concept to the Boston area. A certified holistic health coach and a graduate of the Institute of Integrated Nutrition, Onur has developed most of Cocobeet’s cleanses and works closely with our customers to find the best path towards optimum health. He brings true compassion and a meticulous attention to the proper portioning and medicinal impact of specific food combinations. Hailing from the sea-side Turkish village of Carsamba on the Black Sea, Onur came to the United States to pursue higher education but quickly became fully engaged in the health community and profession. He believes deeply in rooting yourself to the world and fostering the mind-body connection. With an unforgettable enthusiasm and spirit, Onur leads Cocobeet’s in-store operations and educational outreach efforts.

LYDIA: Support Team

Lydia’s father started juicing in the mid 1980s, at the age of 50. Her mother called the family fridge “the blood bank” because of all the carrot and beet juice pints stocked on the shelves. A semi health nut, he filled their Midwestern home with massive bulk bags of cashews, almonds, and pine nuts. Lydia eagerly reads the latest peer-reviewed scientific research on nutrition and health and loves exploring new plant-based dishes. She appreciates how food tastes when you strip it of unnecessary disguises. An All-American college athlete and parent to three young daughters, Lydia knows first hand how good wholesome healthy food + positive attitude + a sense of adventure powers you through life’s challenges.