Cocobeet’s Quick Guide: Health Food Terminology Decoded

Health Food Glossary

Cold-pressed… organic… GMO… HPP… These terms appear on food labels and pepper conversations and controversies in the health food world. They are often misused and misunderstood.

We are here to help. Here is a cheat sheet to the terms that matter in how you fuel your body. This way, when we say that Cocobeet cold-pressed juices and cleanses, vegan foods and smoothies are organic, non-HPP’d, gluten-free, and raw, you’ll know exactly what we mean… why it matters… and why we love our juice.

Cocobeet Health Food Glossary

Cold-Pressed: This defines the extraction process we use to create the most nutrient-dense juices in Boston. Fruits and vegetables are gently managed into individual mashes, and then compressed using a powerful hydraulic press to extract all the organic juice without any pulp. This process, using our industry-leading machine, yields 4-5x more nutrients than made-to-order, centrifugal juicing (see below) does.

Gluten: Gluten is a name for the proteins found in wheat, rye, and barley. Gluten is found in a variety of foods, from soy sauce to imitation crabstick. Gluten-sensitive individuals and those with Celiac disease have adverse health reactions when they consume gluten.

GMO: Genetically modified organism. GMOs have DNA that has been altered using genetic engineering practices and are the source of genetically modified foods. While the verdict is out, there is limited information on the long-term effects of consuming GMO foods.

HPP: High Pressure Processing or Pasteurization. A processing technique used to sterilize and preserve food by subjecting it to extremely high levels of pressure. The process lengthens the shelf life of food by 10 times, up to 45 days in all; the FDA does not allow HPP’d juices to be called “fresh.”

Juice (vs. smoothie): Juices consist of the liquid from fruits and vegetables. Our juices are cold-pressed (see above) and made with organic produce and no added water. The nutrients in juice are quickly and fully absorbed with little energy required.

Juice Cleanse: A cleanse is a way of detoxifying your system by including only pure, organic liquids and/or foods for a period of one to several days. A cleanse eliminates all processed and potentially inflammatory foods from the diet – such as caffeine, gluten, meat, and dairy – and includes only the most nutrient-dense, plant-based products. Cleanses rest the digestive system, clear out toxins, lessen sugar and caffeine dependence, and give the body a nutrient-dense boost. Juice or all-liquid cleanses provide the deepest level of detoxification.   After cleansing, you’ll become truly conscious of how you are fueling your body, inspiring healthy choices moving forward.  More on the benefits of cleansing

Made-to-order/centrifugal juicing: Centrifugal juicing is the process used in made-to-order juicing – the juices made at the counter while you wait (and also the most common type of home juicer). A fast-spinning metal blade separates juice from flesh using high force. The heat from the spinning blade degrades enzymes while the force tears enzymes and nutrients. As a result, the spoilage process begins, requiring near-immediate consumption. The resulting product is on average 80% water and 20% nutritious juice. Cold-pressed juices (see above) have 4-5x the nutrients of those made-to-order.

Organic: Organic foods are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs – see below), and are farmed using methods that emphasize conservation and environmental sustainability.  More about organic here. While organic foods are more expensive, organic is best for your body, and is essential to a true cleansing experience because juice is so fully absorbed by the body. When you purchase a cleanse take into consideration whether your cleanse is organic or not.

Raw: Food that has not been heated above 104 – 115 degrees F. Raw foods maintain enzymes and good bacteria that are destroyed by high heat temperatures.

Smoothie (vs. juice – see above): Smoothies are made from whole fruits and vegetables blended with items like nuts and heart-healthy fats (avocadoes, coconut oil, etc..). Smoothies are fiber-rich and serve as energy-packed snacks and/or meal replacements.

Vegan: vegan diets exclude all animal products, including meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.  We are 100% vegan at Cocobeet.

More questions? Ask us! We at the Cocobeet juice bar in Boston love to educate others about the benefits of a healthy diet.