Juice Cleanse Options

What type of cleanse is right for me?

Cocobeet Juice Cleanses We offer a variety of organic, cold-pressed juice cleanses to detox your body and kickstart your way to good health. Choose from all-liquid cleanses, liquid + pure food cleanses, or customize your juice cleanse by selecting a different cleanse type for each day.

New to cleansing? Read more here  or see our FAQs.

To order, call 857.263.8598 in Boston or 781.772.1213 in Wellesley or visit us at our either location or email us specifying location at orders@cocobeet.com to place your order.

We offer delivery for your juice cleanse in and around the Boston/Cambridge area. Call the store for more details! Juice cleanses can always be picked up at our Boston and Wellesley store daily!

Choose from:

Length of cleanse:

  • 1 day cleanse: $70
  • 2 day cleanse: $67.50/day
  • 3 days and more: $65/day

For a deeper detox and a true shakeup to your habits, 3-, 5-, and 7-day cleanses are recommended.

If you’d like more intensive support on your path to good health, we can craft extended programs of juice and pure foods that last as long as 30 days.

Cleanse types:

  • All-liquid: the Reroot® and Plant Packed® juice cleanses include only our organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies – these juice cleanses are usually best for those with experience cleansing.
  • Liquid and raw food: a Cocobeet Transition Cleanse is best for those newer to cleansing, individuals who require more energy, or those who want a more gentle experience.   Transition cleanses include cold-pressed juices and gluten-free, vegan meals and snacks.

You can combine the options over the duration of the cleanse.  Many cleansers begin more moderately with the Cocobeet Transition Cleanse for the first day or two, and then up level to the Reroot® or Plant Packed® juice cleanses for the balance of the cleanse.

The Plant Packed Juice Cleanse

(specific flavors may vary – please help us select your favorites)

Cocobeet Plant Packed Juice Cleanse


Best for advanced juice cleansers: juice + one power smoothie

Our most intense juice cleanse for those who are experienced cleansers or those who can commit the time needed to properly sustain this nutrient-dense cleanse.  The Plant Packed cleanse contains our lower glycemic, plant-powered juices.

Coco Chlorella – Forbidden Juice – Green Genes – Kickstart – McGregor’s Garden –  Bright Lights with e3 Live – Power Mylk

The ReRoot® Juice Cleanse

(specific flavors may vary – please help us select your favorites)

Cocobeet Reroot Juice Cleanse


Best for intermediate cleansers: a balance of juice and power smoothies

The ReRoot is an all-liquid juice cleanse, but includes two power smoothies for extra fuel and a sense of fullness during the day.  We recommend this cleanse to those new to all-liquid cleansing, or for juice cleansers who require more energy throughout the day.

Coco Chlorella – Watermelon Quench – Green Genes – Blue Coconut – Peruvian Sun – Kale Karma – Power Mylk

Cocobeet Transition Cleanse

(specific flavors may vary – please help us select your favorites)

Cocobeet Transition Juice and Pure Food Cleanse

Liquid & raw foods

Best for beginners and moderate cleansers: juice + power smoothies + pure food

Great for beginner cleansers or those looking for a more moderate experience.  The Cocobeet Transition Cleanse contains one solid meal and one snack of carefully selected raw food.  Transition foods are easy to digest, stripped of additives, and included for their essential nutrient power.  This cleanse is best for those who are ready to detox their diet and power up their bodies in a more moderate way.

Coco Chlorella – Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding – Green Genes – Blue Coconut – Peruvian Sun – Salad Selection – Power Mylk

One day cleanse?  Two day cleanse?  Three day cleanse?  Seven day cleanse?  Which is for me?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the length of your cleanse – simply be realistic about how much time you can set aside to achieve success.  A longer cleanse will provide a more thorough detoxification for your body. If you generally eat a healthy diet, a 1 day cleanse can be the nutrient-packed punch you need to boost your energy and feel great.  We recommend a 3-, 5-, or 7-day cleanse for those looking to truly shake up habits and cleanse their entire system.

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