How to Cleanse

Welcome to Boston’s Original Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse!

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Congratulations on taking a positive step towards good health. Cleansing is a way of taking a digestive break from processed food and bad eating habits. Cocobeet’s organic juice cleanses are loaded with electrolytes, minerals, and nutrients to give you an inside-out body wash.

Ready to cleanse? Set yourself up for success by choosing a time where you can rest and accommodate the regimen.  Then work with our staff to choose the right cleanse type for your lifestyle and needs.

How does a Cocobeet juice or juice and raw food cleanse work? It’s easier than you think – we lay it all out for you below. We are here to answer any questions.  Call or email at any time for support.


For 1 – 2 days leading up to your cleanse, begin to eliminate the following from your diet: refined sugar, meat & dairy, processed food, nicotine, alcohol, gluten, and caffeine (green tea if absolutely necessary).  Eat raw veggies, fruits, greens, whole grains, and nuts. Begin your days with a glass of warm water and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Drink lots of water.

Cocobeet can put together the ideal pre-cleanse and post-cleanse daily meal plan for you to remove the guesswork. We offer plant-packed, gluten-free raw foods that complement and sustain your cleanse.

The Cleanse

Follow the juice cleanse schedule below appropriate to your cleanse type.

Drinking water is very important throughout your cleanse. Drink 8 oz of water between juices to stay hydrated.  Finish your last juice at least two hours before bedtime. You can continue to work and participate in regular activities, but we recommend that you refrain from excessive exercise. Rest your body as you let it heal and restart.

What’s going on with my body?

Cleansers sometimes report mild discomfort on the first day as they come off of the energy roller coaster of processed food, excess dairy, caffeine, and meat. By the second day, many feel a rush of energy and clarity; and by the third day, most can feel a significant change in their bodies and minds. Mild headaches usually come from caffeine and sugar withdrawal.  Keep drinking water!  If you eat anything solid during your juice cleanse, keep it raw, unprocessed, gluten-free, and vegan (e.g. carrots or cucumber spears). Remember, if you experience any serious discomfort or other complications, please stop cleansing immediately and consult with your medical practitioner.  No extremes here at Cocobeet! We support safe, happy, and healthy nutrition.


How do you feel? Do you feel focused and alive? Keep the momentum going and continue to detox post-cleanse. Stay raw and fresh for as long as you can.  Try simple veggies and fruits. Continue to drink lots of water and stay away from processed food in any form, as well as alcohol and caffeine. As long as you stick to a raw diet, you are technically still cleansing.

A juice cleanse is simply your entry point into long-term, sustainable health.

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Questions? Read our FAQs, send us an email at, or call us at 857.263.8598.

Cocobeet Cleanse Schedule

Early start: Warm water and lemon juice

First juice: Coco Chlorella

8 – 9 AM: Juice

10:30 – 11:30 AM: Juice/cleanse food

1 – 2 PM: Juice/cleanse food

3 – 4 PM: Juice/cleanse food

5 – 6 PM: Juice/cleanse food

6 – 8 PM: Power Mylk

Remember to drink 8 oz water between each juice/cleanse food.