Clean Til Five: Introducing Our Daytime-Only Cleanse

You always want to feel your best, especially in the summer. Still, you can’t always accommodate a full-length Cocobeet cleanse with parties, family obligations, and work. Or perhaps you try to stick to a healthy diet, but the time and energy required are simply unrealistic.

Introducing Clean Til Five.  This daytime cleanse is an easy way to eat healthy regardless of life’s other demands.

It’s simple. We provide you the healthiest plant-based fuel during the day. After five PM, your evening is free for flexible and social meal planning.

No prep, no shopping, no decision-making. We keep you on track. The evenings? Well, those are up to you. But we find that healthy choices earlier in the day lead to healthy choices later on.

What’s in Clean Til Five?

Clean Til Five contains 5 items to last you until dinner:

Power Booster
• Smart Breakfast
• Cold-Pressed Green Juice
• Salad
• Green Smoothie

Sample selection: Heartbeet; Chia Pudding; Green Genes; Quinoa Burger Salad; Kale Karma

As always, we are flexible. We will accommodate customer requests and preferences on specific items whenever possible.

How long does it last?

There’s no time limit to Clean Til Five. Do it for one day or thirty. Mini-cleanse every Monday or whenever you need a jumpstart. It’s a balanced, convenient, no-deprivation plan.

How does it work?

We provide you cold-pressed juice and 100% plant-based food during the day. After 5, you’re free to meal plan as you wish. Of course, to feel your best, we recommend sticking to organic, plant-based, unprocessed food sources.

Clean Til Five is $40/day. Call us at 857.263.8598, email us, or visit the store in Boston’s Government Center to order.

As always, our items are organic, vegan, unprocessed, and made fresh daily on-site.

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