Boston Juice Smackdown: Boston Magazine Names COCOBEET the “Clear Winner”

“1. Winner: Green Genes, from Cocobeet

Subtly sweet with a spicy finish, Cocobeet’s version had the smoothest mouth feel and was the clear winner of our non-scientific taste test.”
 Boston Magazine, July 2014 Issue

Boston Magazine put us head-to-head against other Boston area juice bars in a “Juicing Smackdown.” In a taste test of cold-pressed green juices – “this summer’s must-have accessory” – the results came in….

Cocobeet’s Green Genes was declared the undisputed winner.

Boston Magazine

With only 5 months under our belt, the future is looking bright at Cocobeet. While are still relatively unknown outside of Government Center, we’ve developed a loyal and enthusiastic following. We appreciate your strong support of our small, local Boston juice bar.

It makes a difference being ORIGINAL, ORGANIC, totally RAW (No HPP used!), and using the #1 COLD-PRESS machine in the commercial market. Everything we offer, from juice to kale chips, is made 100% on-site by our amazing staff.

We work extremely hard to put out an innovative, locally-sourced, and always changing menu as well as a premium-crafted product. Treat yourself to the best. You deserve it.


Green Genes, No. 0001
Cocobeet Boston Juice Green Genes