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Love Local, Eat Local

From a Massachusetts farm to your Boston juice bar… Calling all New England Farmers!  Sell direct and help us fuel Bostonians right. Let Cocobeet purchase your fruits and vegetables directly from your farms. Call or email us, like Red Fire Farm of Granby, MA, did. We are excited to announce that Red Fire Farm is... View Article

Our Focus on Organic

Cocobeet opened its doors on January 30th. Since day 1, we have used 100% organic produce 90% to 95% of the time. This high rate of success includes over 25 different fruits and vegetables in our juice, smoothie, and whole food recipes. Our standard is this high despite a constant problem sourcing organic jalapeños. We’ve... View Article

Boston Herald’s coolest summer drinks – Cocobeet’s Blue Coconut

As temperatures rise, Cocobeet stays cool. Cocobeet’s Blue Coconut superfood smoothie – super healthy and super delicious…  The Boston Herald clearly gets it. “Summer is almost here, so make sure you have some cool delights on your seasonal bucket list. We rounded up some of the best frozen treats in a glass (or bowl) around Boston.... View Article

The New Corporate Catering

Tired of soggy sandwiches and processed meats for your lunch meetings? Worried about dodging the ubiquitous donut box in the break room? Sick of the carb-loaded bagels and breads? Let Cocobeet be your corporate partner and bring health into the workplace: -Revive tired client luncheons with a colorful selection of Boston’s own fresh, cold-pressed juices,... View Article

Why Cleanse with Cocobeet?

Juice and whole food cleansing. Why? Cleansing jumpstarts you into better healthy habits. This isn’t a trendy diet, as many like to say. A cleanse is a brief pause, a retreat from unhealthy habits that are making us sick, tired, and slow. Juice and whole food cleansing is just one effective step towards changing habits.... View Article

Thank You To Our Boston Juice Fans

We’ve been open for a whirlwind three months, and the response has been amazing. We want to thank Boston for being so excited about its first organic, cold-pressed juice bar. We have loved getting to know our customers, many of whom have incorporated Cocobeet into their diet and newfound commitment to health. Educating our customers... View Article