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Plant-Based Diets: Breaking the Stigma

plant-based diet stigma

We don’t do what we do to be pretentious. And we certainly don’t do what we do because we want to be “trendy.” We’re talking about plant-based diets, something that Cocobeet knows and loves (especially since all of our products are plant-based). As much as we’re proud of plant-based, we’ve noticed a plant-based diet stigma... View Article

Clean Til Five: Introducing Our Daytime-Only Cleanse

You always want to feel your best, especially in the summer. Still, you can’t always accommodate a full-length Cocobeet cleanse with parties, family obligations, and work. Or perhaps you try to stick to a healthy diet, but the time and energy required are simply unrealistic. Introducing Clean Til Five.  This daytime cleanse is an easy way to eat... View Article

Introducing A Marathon-Inspired Cold-Pressed Blend

26.2 miles are behind you. You’ve made it. Limited Edition Cold-Pressed Blend An organic recovery drink inspired by the Boston Marathon It’s that special time of year: the Boston Marathon. The world’s oldest consecutively run marathon and the true start of spring in the city. Emotions run high and we come together to be Boston... View Article

The best vegan breakfast in Boston

It’s something you already know – a healthy breakfast will change your day! Eating breakfast is linked to healthy weight maintenance, reduced risk of heart disease, and greater mental acuity. Breakfast eaters even tend to have better diets overall. Yet a whopping 25% of people skip breakfast, and countless others start with something sugary and high... View Article

Why we love tempeh, fermentation, and our newest organic salad

Tempeh Organic Salad

Delicious, plant-packed protein: introducing our latest vegan creation, the Asian Tempeh Salad Surrounded by a rainbow of organic vegetables, including carrots, greens, purple cabbage, radishes, and more, tempeh is the star of this vegan salad. We are crazy about tempeh. Once you know a little more about it, you will be, too. What is tempeh?... View Article

#AlwaysCraftingNew: Three New Items Join Our Fall Menu

Cocobeet Biome Builder Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-Pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothie, Tasty Dessert – All with Unique Health Benefits “Inventive…innovative and fresh tasting…fresh and delicious…” A few phrases we heard from organic food guru and cold-pressed juice celebrity Max Goldberg from and on his recent visit to Cocobeet. With these kind words in mind, we aren’t resting on our laurels.... View Article

Cocobeet’s Quick Guide: Health Food Terminology Decoded

Health Food Glossary

Cold-pressed… organic… GMO… HPP… These terms appear on food labels and pepper conversations and controversies in the health food world. They are often misused and misunderstood. We are here to help. Here is a cheat sheet to the terms that matter in how you fuel your body. This way, when we say that Cocobeet cold-pressed... View Article

Truly Fresh Juices – No HPP at the Cocobeet Juice Bar

What is HPP? Why don’t you HPP at the Cocobeet juice bar? …and other questions for your juicer. HPP, or High Pressure Processing, is an industry trick used to lengthen the shelf life of juices.  Juice companies HPP to increase their profit margins – and consumers pay with lower quality juice at premium prices.  ... View Article

Cocobeet in the Press – Livability Names Boston #3 Foodie City

“From juice bars like Cocobeet in downtown to food trucks like Clover or hole-in-the-wall spots like The Daily Catch, small restaurants across Boston utilizing fresh, local ingredients make this town ripe for a food adventure.” We’re blushing and really excited.  Livability recently named Boston #3 on their top 10 list of foodie cities across the... View Article