The best vegan breakfast in Boston

It’s something you already know – a healthy breakfast will change your day! Eating breakfast is linked to healthy weight maintenance, reduced risk of heart disease, and greater mental acuity. Breakfast eaters even tend to have better diets overall.

Yet a whopping 25% of people skip breakfast, and countless others start with something sugary and high in refined carbs. Why? Breakfast simply falls to the wayside when we’re racing to work, dealing with a commute or kids, and getting our affairs (and hair) in order for the day.

We’re here to help, not to nag. Cocobeet has a range of convenient, delicious, and utterly healthy breakfast options. It takes only minutes to change your day for the better with Cocobeet.

A few of our favorite breakfasts… and the newest addition.

Always vegan and made from organic produce.


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  • If you need more protein in your diet, try a Warm Quinoa Bowl topped with berry jam and heart-healthy nuts. Quinoa is a complete protein that contains all nine essential amino acids.
  • Boston, find out what you’ve been missing with a Cocobeet Acai Bowl. When Californians see this selection, they breathe a huge sigh of relief. We’ve even seen tears of joy.
  • You need caffeine? We get that. Our Sunflower Seed Latte or Mocha Espresso Smoothie takes care of your coffee fix, no dairy required.
  • Forget processed cereal. Our dehydrated, gluten-free Vanilla Maple Crunch Granola Bowl is the real breakfast of champions. This favorite sustains your energy when you really need it. If you’re on the run, skip the nut mylk and grab a packaged bag to go.
  • If you think you’re not a “breakfast person,” try one of our biggest sellers and you’ll think again. For those who haven’t tasted our Vanilla Berry Chia Pudding before, just trust us.  You won’t regret it.

But wait, there’s more.

Introducing our newest breakfast selection, Raw Oatmeal topped with fresh blueberries and drizzled with cherry sauce.


We love raw oatmeal. Our steel-cut, gluten-free oats are packed with fiber, magnesium, plant-based protein, and potassium. Fiber slows the release of insulin into your bloodstream, and magnesium further regulates insulin levels. The translation: say goodbye to your sugar crash.

Oats are one of the few whole grains linked to a lowered risk of Diabetes Type 2. We soak the oats, making them even easier to digest. As far as satiety goes, our raw oatmeal is completely satisfying. With just a touch of sweetness, your tastebuds also leave happy.

Start your day with a boost of nutrition and your whole day changes. You can always choose from 25+ organic, cold-pressed juices or superfood smoothies. The right fuel for breakfast can positively impact glucose and insulin regulation and boost your metabolism throughout the day.

Come try the best vegan breakfast in Boston. You deserve it.

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