#AlwaysCraftingNew: Three New Items Join Our Fall Menu

Cocobeet Biome Builder Cold-Pressed Juice

Cold-Pressed Juice, Superfood Smoothie, Tasty Dessert – All with Unique Health Benefits

“Inventive…innovative and fresh tasting…fresh and delicious…” A few phrases we heard from organic food guru and cold-pressed juice celebrity Max Goldberg from livingmaxwell.com and pressedjuicedirectory.com on his recent visit to Cocobeet.

With these kind words in mind, we aren’t resting on our laurels. Variety is essential in maintaining a healthy diet in the long term. That’s why we are always crafting new organic items to please your palette.

After the debut of the long-awaited Acai Bowl this month, we’re introducing THREE new organic items on your menu this week: one juice, one smoothie, and one dessert – adding to over 30 juices and smoothies and an extensive vegan menu. In addition to delicious taste, each one supports your health in a unique way – read how below, try them all and tell us what you think.

Biome Builder

This cold-pressed creation is the newest addition to your body’s arsenal of defenses.

The human body contains 10x the number of microbial cells than human cells. The good, probiotic bacteria in your gut are a crucial component in both physical and emotional health. This microbiome plays a role in the creation of neurotransmitters like serotonin (key to good mood), enzymes and vitamins like B and K, and essential nutrients like fatty acids and amino acids – among numerous other molecules that regulate our immune and metabolic systems.

In our over-sterilized, over-processed world, our microbial defenses have become weakened. With this in mind, we crafted BIOME BUILDER. Our newest juice delivers living nutrients and good bacteria via raw, unpasteurized, organic, fermented apple cider vinegar. A traditional home remedy, apple cider vinegar is recognized by the scientific community as a vehicle to improve everything from digestion to blood sugar regulation.

This juice alkalizes your internals while recalibrating your system through hydrating superfoods: Coconut H20, Aloe H20, and cucumber. Pineapple increases the nutritive and anti-inflammatory qualities of this elixir and adds just a touch of sweetness.

As for taste, this is the only juice that we perfected on our first attempt.

Skip the Gatorade and the over-the-counter meds: our version is part natural sports drinks, part natural remedy. Biome Builder, No. 0032.

Solar Power

solar powerIntroducing Solar Power, our first superfood smoothie made with sunflower seed mylk as a base, and a great nut-free mylk alternative.

Sunflower seed mylk is packed with energy, healthy fatty acids (including linoleic acid and oleic acid, both of which lower LDL – bad – cholesterol and raise HDL – good – cholesterol), and too many vitamins to name here, including E, B-complex, and folic acid.

Vibrantly flavorful, goji, dates, and maqui berries are among the most antioxidant-dense on the planet. Mango, the “king of fruits,” adds even more phytonutrients, including vitamin E, and imparts a perfectly smooth texture to the drink.

Skip the afternoon coffee and the sugary snacks. By mixing up your diet with a variety of plant-based sources, you achieve optimal health and true renewable energy.   No more sugar crash, just sustained energy for your day. Solar Power, No. 0031.

Lemon Matcha CookiesMatcha Cookies

Breakfast is known as the most important meal of the day, but psychologically, dessert takes the proverbial cake.

This Lemon Matcha trio tastes as decadent as a dessert should be, but this treat packs the type of nutrition you would find in the healthiest pre- or post-workout snack.

A base of cashews and almonds provides heart-healthy fats and protein and a perfect texture. Three different, healthy fillings – high-quality chocolate, Asian strawberry, and our berry compote – add distinct flavor and nutritional content. A touch of matcha powder and a hint of agave create perfection without the use of any refined sugar.

Where else could you find a guilt-free dessert that fuels your body right?

At Cocobeet, we craft with purpose. We design balanced products to deliver specific nutritional and medicinal benefits. See them all at www.cocobeet.com