Boston's Best Cold-Pressed Juice and Superfood Smoothies.

Organic, Raw, Fresh. No HPP.

Our organic juices and superfood smoothies are made of the finest quality ingredients, using techniques that maximize nutrition and deliver plant packed, delicious flavor. With a variety of 40+ choices — and counting — Cocobeet serves up the largest menu of organic cold-pressed juices and smoothies in Boston. View our Juices & Smoothies Menu

Cocobeet Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

Cold-Pressed Organic Juice

Five pounds of organic fruits and vegetables used to make just one juice.Raw. Fresh. Delicious.

Our quality and our process set a new standard for juice in Boston. What’s inside the bottle is dramatically fresher and more nutritious than made-to-order and HPP’d juices you see elsewhere.

Made-to-order juices — the kind made while you wait at the counter — are created using centrifugal force machines. The juices from this process are mainly water and short on nutrients. The force used in the process tears the nutrients and enzymes, degrading and beginning immediate food spoilage. These juices are therefore unable to be bottled and must be consumed right away. Furthermore, the presence of heat in this process neutralizes and destroys most of the extracted nutrients.

HPP — or high pressure processing — techniques similarly degrade the quality of juice at a cellular level. HPP is an industry trick used to extend shelf life; HPP juices can be consumed up to 45+ days after they’re created. Keep this fact in mind: the FDA prohibits HPP’d juices from being called fresh.

Juice companies use this to increase their profit margins — and consumers pay the price with lower quality juice. HPP juices come from a factory, traveling many miles.

Cocobeet juices, meanwhile, are made in-house and are truly fresh.

In our cold-pressed juicing process, organic fruits and vegetables are first crushed into a slurry, then the hydraulic press squeezes out every drop of goodness. This gentle extraction process preserves enzymes and nutrients and results in the freshest tasting juice possible.

At Cocobeet, we use an industry-leading, first-of-its-kind cold press juicer to gently extract every nutritious drop from organic fruits and vegetables. Our juicer extracts multiples of more nutrients than any other cold-press machine, and yields a product with significantly more nutrients than any made-to-order juice. Our juices typically have a four to five-day shelf life — and we’re proud of that.

Look at the bottle and ask questions when you go elsewhere.

Nutritious Superfood Smoothies

Looking for a filling, nutritious breakfast on the go? Feeling lethargic during the day?

Cure your energy dips and fire up your nutrition with a Cocobeet smoothie.

Our smoothies contain whole organic fruits and vegetables that are blended with other nutrient-dense items like nuts, seeds, and heart-healthy oils to create a power-packed, more filling product. Smoothies are fiber-rich and serve as energy-packed snacks and/or meal replacements. Simply swapping a processed breakfast or snack with a smoothie is an easy (and delicious) way to boost your health.

We make our smoothies fresh every day at the Boston store, but package them grab-and-go to make pure nutrition even more convenient.

Our organic juices and superfood smoothies are a great way to add a nutrient-dense boost to your diet. They are also the foundation of our juice cleanses (either all-liquid or liquid + pure food). Read more about Boston’s original organic cold-pressed juice cleanses here.